Health Care: A Privilege Or A Right? 5 Considerations

While America, prides itself, on being the best nation in the world, we do not, consistently, provide, the level of quality health care coverage, to all of our citizens. There is often, a political discussion/ debate/ difference of opinion, between, those who consider, this access to quality medical treatment, as a right, versus, those who state, it’s a privilege! Shouldn’t individuals, regardless of their finances, etc, receive the care, needed, in a professional, timely, way? With this in mind, this article will briefly, examine, consider, and review, 5 considerations, in this essential discussion, which impacts, so many of our citizens.1. Economic ramifications: Some argue, America can’t afford to provide, reasonably priced, affordable, quality health care/ protections, while others, will say, it’s an essential component, of the right to health, happiness, and the pursuit of justice, this nation was founded on. Often, those stating the former argument, state, their approach, will provide access to care, in a less expensive way, while the latter, state, there is a big difference, between access, and actual care! There are economic ramifications, to either position. What is the solution, and why? How can we have a system, which is responsive and responsible, both economically, and from a health – oriented, perspective?

2. Humane aspects: While the Affordable Care Act, certainly has several flaws, it was intended to provide health care, to many more Americans! Republicans spent 7 years complaining about it, but, when their opportunity, came, this year, their proposed legislation, would have reduced medical coverage, and created tens of millions, more uninsured. Even their so – called, tax reform proposals, which call for eliminating the Mandate, are based on attempting some sort of populism, rather than improving the system. How is it humane, to eliminate insurance for many, and make it more expensive for others, by eliminating the healthiest individuals from the insurance pool?3. Is this part of freedom?: If we believe in American freedom, shouldn’t include, providing every attempt, to make the lives of our citizens, better and safer? Whether this is an implied freedom, or merely, a desirable one, it is an important consideration, in this discussion!

4. Morality; ethics: How is it either, moral or ethical, to base the level of care, someone receives, dependent on their income, and ability to pay? Why should anyone be deprived of quality medical and health treatments, because they can’t afford to pay? Is that the American way?5. What system’s best?; How to address?: There is no simple solution, but, rather than making this a political process, shouldn’t the discussion, begin with morality, and proceed, to consider alternatives, and create the best system? Should this be a private, public – private, or some combination?Don’t Americans deserve the finest medical system, in the world? Wake up, America, and demand, this is considered, in a relevant, rather than politics – as – usual manner!